the super long holidays are coming to an end and my orientation starts this friday. kind of enjoying the way life is now with no commitments, totally. haha this holiday have been great with the company of darling (: he accompanied me to everywhere and anywhere without any complaints. got to know new friends and hanging out with them is really fun, all thanks to darling. well, everything have to end and it’s back to school soon but it’s not with the same people and the same familliar place, PRSS. rather, it’s a brand new place with unknown people. it’s kind of sad to know that our clique have all been separated to different schools and different courses with the exception of those 2 “lucky” girls :D but i’m pretty sure that will not be the end of our friendship of 5 yrs. meet up soon girls :D

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18th birthday (:

this year’s birthday celebration was superb with the company of darling & dearest wanzhuang! :D went ktv, dinner @ swensens, st james, east coast. met the rest of darling’s friend at st james. although i’m not a big fan of this kind of places, i have to admit that i had a greattttttttt night that day. the rest of darling’s friends didn’t had the chance to go in due to the long queue as there was a fight going on. the 2 guys was covered in blood, as in the whole face and shirt is all bloooooood! cos they had waited for abt 2 hours and they came down to celebrate my birthday, darling & I decided to go elsewhere with them. so i only spent like 3 hours there. But nvm, cos there will be other chances! :DD up next, arena (:

so i didn’t sleep for the whole night & off to genting the very next day. great time there too! spent our time at theme park, movie, eating, playing cards in the middle of the night & shoppinh! haha, it was really fun :) next trip; hong kong! :D

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Tmr is our 1 year & 2 months anniversary. We’ve been together long enough to understand each other so there’s lesser quarrels nowadays (: there wasn’t any celebration for valentine’s day this year but this is the second valentine’s day that i went through with him. went to his aunt’s house on tuesday and saw a few of his cousins and aunties. the moment i stepped into that house, the only thing on my mind was ‘when are we going home’. wasn’t a happy experience. apart from that, everything is fine but i guess, the clique of us are going our separate ways. we will just have a get-together once in a while and i suppose, the next time we get together before school re-opens will be on 16th march…

hoping the see my dearest friends soon :)

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i finally found a job! haha have been working for 6 days straight alrdy. overall, working is quite fun although i get bored most of the times. having to stand all the way is always a challenge but today, i don’t feel as tired as my first day of work. haha, this means that i’m improving! :D i got a nice boss too who allows me to choose my working time and plan the schedule so that i’ll be able to work with wanzhuang! hehe.

my life is quite simple nowadays… spend my time with darling before work, lunch together, work, home, talk on phone & sleep. haha ended late ystd and darling had to attend a wedding dinner nearby so waited for him awhile. it’s always so nice to be able to hug him after a tiring day of work :D

i am just looking forward to phuket trip, my birthday celebration & malaysia trip :D

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Super tired now… went to a lot of places today. tampines, darling’s house, bedok, back to tampines, city hall, bedok again & finally, home (: luckily we didn’t have to take public transport… haha but overall, the day is quite fun.

well, 2 days to go before the day comes. Really looking forward to my 18th birthday & going malaysia with darling. Times with him are always the best because he knows how to make me happy and will always accomodate me… who says only girls will understand girls, haha cos darling understands me! :D and he’s better than someone who has been my ‘best friend’ for 5 years. lol.

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A new year, a new beginning for everyone…

In 4 days time, O level results will be out. somehow, i feel so scared. Scared to know how my results will be but whatever it is, i have done my best and wish everyone all the best! :D

My new year wishes will be…

- To be together happily with darling.

- Find a job soon!! (:

- Happiness for my family & friends.

- A safe & easy delivery for my niece/nephew (:


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ystd was fun… hanged out with a different group of ppl together with darling, of course (: met darling at his house, left his house around 730pm. Meet up with his cousin for awhile, orchard for dinner @ fish and co. Planned to shop around after dinner awhile but we spent too much time deciding where to have our dinner at so we didn’t have enough time to shop around as i insisted that we MUST see the fireworks. it was awesome. i wouldn’t want to miss it for anything. hehe, fireworks is a must to watch everytime there is. trained to city hall, it was super packed but we managed to get a good view of the fireworks without being blocked by anyone and having to squeeze. thanks to darling’s intelligence. head down to clarke quay after the fireworks. Met up with his cousin, then his friends before deciding which group of people should we spend the night with. so, went drinking with his friends… had fun with them and the girls were friendly (:

shall upload the photos soon… will be going JB tomorrow so see you on monday darling! love you (:

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finally, the day that you’ve been waiting for has arrived! you are a year older now… enjoy your birthday okay! i’ll give you your present pretty soon, meet up again. love you! :D

it is now the 31st! 1 more day and it will be the end of 2009. a new year, a new beginning… i hope? hope to enjoy the last day of 2009 with dearest darling happily and that this year’s countdown will be better than last year’s :D shall update more about the last day of 2009 when i come back… won’t be going home tomorrow! :D

going out for supper later… currently waiting for darling & lorenz to fetch me. hehe, sneaking out will be fun! :D

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haha, nothing much for xmas this year but well, i still had a great time with darling :) in fact, i always do except for the time where we were quarrelling and spiting each other. went to his house to wake him up from his beauty sleep at abt 3pm. went city hall with him and his friends at about 5pm. played some board game, cashflow… it’s super fun! played all the way till 8pm. talked arnd, went for dinner & home.

i’m sure countdown will be a fun day! but we’re still planning about where to go. it’s also the day when the dearest girl FINALLY turn 17!! :D haha miss her man… and wanzhuang too! meet up soon, we haven’t been meeting for so long. hehe love you girls! happy 2010 :D

i shall give darling some credits as he have been a good boyfriend to me all year long. although we do quarrel but he’ll always dote on me no matter how sarcastic i am to him :D hehe love you.

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4 days ago was our first year anniversary! (: didn’t really celebrate much though… holidays are such a bore! ): and tmr is christmas! hahaha, don’t even know where i’m going. i’m meeting darling almost everyday. wonder where wanzhuang is now… haha call me soon girl! let’s go out. it’s been a long time since we went out. the year is coming to an end soon. results are coming out soon. how would my results be? it is still anybody’s guess [: let’s just hope for the best…

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Have been meeting darling everyday ever since he ord :) hehe the fact of not having to wait till weekend to meet him anymore seems so great, at the moment :) but sadly, we’ve been quarrelling recently. haha absence really makes the heart grows fonder, maybe that’s why we don’t quarrel that much when he’s in NS. but then again, i think everything have blown over and we’ve resolved our differences. dearest eileen & wanzhuang not to worry! I haven’t forgotten about you girls and i won’t! :) hehe just give me some time to spend our first week of being able to see him everyday k! :D i’ll call you girls pretty soon, no worries! (:

actually, having such a long holiday is not a good thing afterall. i end up going out, spending money more than i should and up to date, i have still not found a job. going at this rate, i have to declare bankrupt ): i have wasted more than a month doing nothing and i’m not enjoying life at all. the luckiest thing for me is i have a great boyfriend for company [: but we have been so lazy nowadays that we don’t go town that often anymore. love you darling :)

so that is just an update about my current pathetic life.

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HI everybody! tomorrow is the 10th!! haha darling got a half-day off tmr so i’m meeting him in the morning till afternoon when he book in. shopping with mummy in the evening! :D the day after tmr is 11th, the day my dearest ord. haha so happy (: shall go home late on friday to celebrate with him! :D days ahead is gonna be so fun… my attempt to find a job have currently been futile. no job = no money = no fun ):

i have to go exercise soon, getting fatter by the day cos i have been eating alot recently ): hohoho, but i’m happy with this kind of life :D

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